CBD Beauty

Securing the new promises of beauty

The coincidence of a revolution in science and new consumer needs always seems to create some sort of miracle moment. In this sense, CBD clearly marks our times. Created in 2018, Spectrums Europe anticipated the event and set out to do much more than surf the trend. Combining the advanced knowledge developed in the US and the expertise of the best French laboratories, the company delivers the most stringent technical and regulatory guarantees to accelerate the integration of CBD by European brands.


  • Brand Identity
  • Web site architecture and art direction
  • Product communication
  • PR

Asserting the legitimacy of a new player
in the beauty and well being industries

To enter its target markets more quickly and more efficiently, Spectrums Europe needs to adopt their communication codes. As time is of the essence, they choose us for our expert knowledge of cosmetic ingredients.  Hand in hand, we define the strategic value propositions and develop a new brand scenario.