Beauty inside out

Pioneering high performance nutri-cosmetics

Nutri-cosmetics obviously concentrates the new requirements of cosmetics and nutrition. The demand for naturalness, the need for healthy products whose qualities have been very rigorously substantiated, are expressed more acutely there than anywhere else. In this perspective, Robertet’s Lipowheat is assuredly a pioneer. An essential supplement in phytoceramides, Lipowheat has been developed from the nutritive power of wheat cultivated with care in the Northern plains of Italy. Substantiated by 6 clinical studies and publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, it stands out as one of the most reliable ingredient in nutricosmetics.


  • Product scenario
  • Narrative concepts
  • Visual identity

How to reaffirm a leadership status in a rapidly changing market?

Performance does not make it all. In spite of what many people think in the industry, the precedence and robustness of proofs of concept are not always sufficient to build up sufficiently strong barriers to entry. Faced with a younger but more communicative competing offer, Robertet identifies the need to rethink Lipowheat communication . Aligning more effectively the product value propositions with the fundamentals of Robertet’s brands, we develop a sharper, more distinctive product scenario for the ingredient. The first step to a more effective communication platform. •